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Raff Angus cattle

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The Raff Angus program began in 1965 when David Raff purchased four aged stud cows under the prefix ‘Warahgai’. After purchasing his first parcel of land and relocating the herd, it was decided to change the prefix to ‘Forres’, the property name.

In 1990 a commercial decision was made to sell the Forres stud and prefix. A few elite cows were retained that were owned by sons Robert and Andrew along with several share cows and embryos. After a short experiment with Red Angus the demand from our clients along with our ultimate passion was to continue to breed black Angus cattle. From 1990, under the ‘Raff Angus’ prefix the growth of the herd has been spectacular, driven entirely by bull demand and the Angus seed-stock breeding passion of David and son Andrew.

The challenge was to retain those inherent qualities of the breed while increasing frame size, growth and improve temperament. By utilizing every possible means available for measuring economically important traits David Raff became an innovator in adapting new technology to make rapid genetic gains in his goal to achieve genetic excellence.

Committed to innovation but driven by the commercial reality of cattle breeding the Raff Angus cattle today are unique in both type and genetics. By resisting using ‘trendy’ / ‘fashionable’ genetics Raff Angus are of outcross genetics to mainstream Australian Angus and boast more structural integrity, weight for age, carcase weight and yield with built in longevity and inherit efficiency than traditional Angus.

“The success of our business can be contributed to the fact that over the 5 decades of breeding Angus seed-stock its owners have been totally involved in every aspect of the business. For the entire period almost 100% of the family income has been derived from Angus cattle.”


2015 saw a major restructure of Raff Angus culminating with the sale of their Queensland property and the purchase of land on King Island. David and Jill moved to King Island in January 2015 with Andrew, Anna and family moving down in September 2015.

Over 500 Raff Angus Herd Book Registered females were relocated to King Island from Queensland to form the nucleus of the families elite Angus Seedstock and Angus Beef breeding business.

This new business model has seen a shift from a 94% bull breeding program when in Queensland to now around a 25% production level. Our intention is to continue to breed bulls for our loyal clients who wish to continue to use our genetics and for those new clients who wish to source bulls both genetically and phenotypically different to the mainstream Angus. The aim is to sell 100 bulls each year being selected from 400 odd registered male calves annually.

We will no longer be holding annual auction sales but now selling privately from the paddock. Main sale groups will be targeted for the typically Spring and Autumn bull selling seasons however sales all year round will be available.

Our whole production system is now a total pasture fed one - receiving no grain or pellet supplements - taking advantage of the unique environment and pastures of King Island.

The Raff Family remain totally committed to continuing to breed the type of cattle that have been the trademark of Raff Angus for the past 54 years – that is fast growing, high yielding cattle with traditional carcase and maternal values that reach optimum weight and finish at the youngest possible age whilst remaining sound, fertile and functional.

With the new focus on quality grass fed beef production it will enable the family to fine tune their breeding programme by using the feedback they receive from the final end product – actual carcasees hanging on the hook - something that was unachievable in the past.


The Raff Angus operation aims to calve down 800 Herd Book Registered calves each year. From these 25% of both male and female will be sold as Seedstock Breeders. The remaining 600 HBR calves will remain on farm and be pasture raised and fattened with carcase target weights of over 320kg’s from around 20 months of age.

All cattle will be 100% pasture fed, receiving no grain or pellet supplements, with finishers HGP and Antibiotic Free.

Artificial insemination and embryo transfer will continue to be used to introduce new genetics and fast track the influence of our own superior breeding stock.


The founder of the stud - since 1965 - David Raff and his wife Jill, are still actively involved in all livestock breeding decisions, livestock and property management providing full support to Andrew, Anna and their children Harry, Charlie, Georgina and Olivia.

Andrew Raff with his wife Anna and young family control all aspects of the business from sire selection and breeding decisions to the general ‘day to day’ cattle husbandry, farm management and record keeping. Anna, who is a Vet, is responsible for the AI and Animal Health duties as well as doing all the business' financial work.


The Raff Angus herd is run on a 1057 hectare aggregation within the south eastern end of King Island - just 8km off the east coast. It is some of the highest production and highest rainfall land on the island. King Island is located on the western side of Bass Strait mid-way between Tasmania and the mainland. It is just 70 odd kilometres long and a little over 30 kilometres wide yet produces over 20% of Tasmania’s beef production. King Island experiences a mild temperate climate that allows green grass to thrive all year round making it ideal breeding and fattening country. In January 2018 the farm started its 3 year in-conversion transition to Organic status. January 2021 the farm will be fully certified Organic.

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